Simplify your accounting data entry processes


Just look at these benefits:

  • Saves time
  • Saves effort
  • Produces accurate accounting entries
  • Enables faster Bank reconciliations
  • Makes BAS and taxation reports easier
  • Reduces Accounting fees
  • Minimises double entry of data


With a busy Pub or Club, accounting is an expensive, time consuming task which seems to always be there. Do it one day and it comes back to be done the next day… and the next day and the next – forever. But we all know how important it is to a business to maintain accurate and up to date records, so we endure.


But with rising costs in all areas, data entry is one area that time can be saved – and with savings in time comes savings in money.


The OzBiz EzyLink programme can do in seconds what a bookkeeper will take hours to do. Stock invoices for payment can be entered into your accounting programme in a second or so rather than several minutes each and Sales data is entered just as quickly. The entire data entry process can be over in less than a minute per day. Consider how much that can save.


Then there is the accuracy that is needed. Not just do the figures need to be correct, but they need to be posted to the correct accounts – and with the correct GST implications. Because we work with the Point of Sale Software provider to have them supply us with fully reconciled and correct data, accuracy is not an issue. And with our configuration allowing you to map everything to the correct account, it can post it correctly every time.


In addition, we build into our programme the ability to handle complexities that occur in each industry. For instance, in Pubs and Clubs, revenue is not normally posted to an account just by revenue type, it needs to be able to be posted to a different revenue account depending on the location where it was sold. The OzBiz EzyLink programme offers this flexibility.


We have been servicing this industry for years and have many satisfied clients who can attest to how easy the programme is to use and how quickly and simply data entry can be done. If you are having data entered manually, talk to us about how much this can save you in both time and money.

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