Save time on boring data entry


 Just look at these benefits:

  • Saves time
  • Saves effort
  • Produces accurate accounting entries
  • Enables faster Bank reconciliations,
  • Makes BAS and taxation reports easier
  • Reduces Accounting fees


Managing a Medical Practice is a never-ending challenge, anyone who runs one will tell you that. Not only are you managing the patients, but you are also managing the staff and the Doctors, keeping everything running efficiently.


And one area that takes you away from spending your time in managing your resources is accounting – keeping track of the Practice finances and paying the Doctors. The complexity of medical accounting, along with the sheer volume of data has made accounting for Medical practices a time-consuming and difficult task.


What you need is a partner who really understands your business, who can provide you with the tools to change those onerous tasks into simple routines. Someone like OzBiz Solutions.


Working with the medical practice management Software “Best Practice” we can change the way you think about accounting. Our programme OzBiz MediLink takes the task of accounting data entry and turn it into a couple of button presses.


Using summary transactions for your Doctors and bank entries that match your bank feed, we can create in MYOB or Xero all your entries from Best Practice – with the press of a button.


Whether you are on Cash or Accrual accounting, our programme can be configured to pick up the correct information from Best Practice for your accounting reporting.


Charges, receipts, adjustments, reversals, write offs, payment reversal credits, advance deposits – everything can be handled correctly – and you can validate the data prior to it being posted through.


As well, we can provide a tool to make the calculation of your fees to Doctors fast and easy. Again, a couple of button presses with OzBiz MediCalc you have a spreadsheet for each Doctor, showing the fees to be charged on each individual service performed – while giving you the ability to set not only a “normal” percentage, but also to set exception percentages where the fees are different. Need a PDF to give to each Doctor? – press the button and they become available.


Twenty first century technology for practices who want to save time and streamline their business processes.

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