Pay doctors in minutes, not hours



This can be a very time-consuming task, complicated by the need to take into account:


• Those items that are 100% Practice items.
• Items that might be exceptions to the normal percentage split.
• Reversal items that might affect previous payments.
• Medicare bulk billing incentives to ensure they are applied correctly to the Practice or the user.



Calculating the amount to pay your GP’s can be extremely time-consuming. Reports from Best practice have to be reviewed in detail line by line to determine the correct percentage to apply.



We have developed a version of our MediCalc software to automate this process and produce an Excel spreadsheet with all the information you need. Our programme can export and split the information in minutes where manually this was taking the Practice Manager around 4-6 hrs weekly.



This programme still leaves you in control of the process – it does not import data directly into your accounting programme. But what it will do is save you hours of calculations and provide the figures you need to create the transactions to pay the Doctors.



What it also provides is a PDF that can be supplied to the Doctors to show what they have been paid. No more arguments when being paid – it is all there in front of them. But more importantly, no arguments a week later that causes you to redo the reports and check that what you did was correct – you have the spreadsheets that show every service and what was paid.



Our clients using this programme wonder how they got on without it. It saves time and makes the calculations as simple as a button press.


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