Save time on boring data entry


Just look at these benefits:

  • Saves time
  • Saves effort
  • Produces accurate accounting entries
  • Enables faster Bank reconciliations,
  • Makes BAS and taxation reports easier
  • Reduces Accounting fees
  • Minimises double entry of data


If you are in hospitality, doing the bookkeeping is something you would rather not have to do. You work hard in your business all day and the last thing you need is to do the paperwork when you have finished your day. What you would like is a way for the data to magically appear in your accounting programme, without you having to create the entries yourself.


And that is exactly what OzBiz EzyLink will do for you. From an end of day report from your point of sale, a couple of button presses in EzyLink and your sales, banking and stock purchases all appear in your accounting programme.


Because the data comes directly from your point of sale, there is no issue with accuracy – it reports exactly what went through your point of sale that day. Sales will report by Department, and all your money is brought through by payment type to match what you will see on your bank statement.


Stock purchases already entered into your Point of Sale are created in the accounting programme as bills for payment, saving you the job of entering data that has already been put into your POS system. No more double-entering of data.


We use summary transactions, minimising the volume of data that is in your accounting programme. Every revenue type and every payment method can be mapped in our configuration to always post to the correct account. No more trying to remember where you posted it last time – set it up and we will use your mapping every time.


We have hundreds of clients who will testify that they would not like to go back to posting data manually – that is just so last century. The future is to use OzBiz EzyLink with MYOB, Xero or Reckon Accounts.

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