Client Comments

We have hundereds of businesses using our integration programs. We have grouped their comments by developer and shown them below. Because there are so many testimonials please scroll to the developer heading of the industry software you are interested in.

Best Practice – Medical Practice Software

We use the OzBiz integration tools in some of our other businesses finding them to be of considerable benefit. We asked OzBiz whether they could achieve the same result by integrating to Best Practice. We are absolutely delighted with the end result which will benefit  not only our  business, but others running a multiple Doctor Practice.
Heather Gardner  – FKG Group of companies

I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the OzBiz system. The importing of information from Best Practice has saved a huge amount of time in data entry and no longer relying on manual data entry has ensured the  accuracy of the information imported into our   Accounting package.
Stephen Ross – Practice Manager Bendigo Medical Centre

We began using OzBiz EzyLink at the beginning of the financial year. The first thing we noticed was how efficient and accurate the payment calculator was for processing the Doctor’s Funds. This       development has made a tedious process a      pleasure. The ability to import payments directly from BP to MYOB is great. If there has been a problem it was usually due to human error.

OzBiz are fantastic! They have done all of the hard work for us by logging on externally and installing & setting up the system. They have always made themselves available to us when we have had any queries, they have been there every step of the way. For these reasons, I highly recommend the OzBiz EzyLink system.
Angela Crane – Riverstone Family Medical Practice


Independent Solutions (SSA) – ProfitTrack

The integration between SSA and MYOB using the OzBiz software has been one of the greatest advancements we have made within our business. We have two supermarkets and two liquor stores which generate hundreds of invoices and data entry requirements each week. Previously this required entries into the stock system and then into the MYOB system. OzBiz has literally saved us over two days a week in man hours.
Neil Davison – McCoppins Group

The best thing since sliced bread.
Pat – Alps & Amici

Vicki – Summers IGA

The programme is very good.
Tania – The Party Superstore, Prospect

Could we live without it – Yes!  Do we want to –NO!
Jill – Tugun Fruit Market

If you are using Profit Track and MYOB then this is a no-brainer.
Mike – Youngtown IGA

An excellent time saver.
Mike Martyn.    Beachmere Service Station

Very happy with the programme.
Stephanie Mills Better Choice Stratton

Runs well – great support – saves a lot of time.
Karen    Bloomsbury Rural

Without the programme life would be very difficult.
Kate – Booleroo IGA

Value for money, time savings, easy to use.
Susan – BP Wellington Point

Happy with the programme.
Graeme Haack – Brendale IGA

I have always found the company professional and helpful.
Ann – Burnie Delish Fine Foods

Everything is going really well.
Stephanie – Cunnamulla IGA

Saves you an enormous amount of time.
Donna – Currumbin Shell

Works without a hitch.
Pat – Dingo Roadhouse & Dingo Hotel.

I couldn’t do without it. I am happy to recommend it.
Regina – Gumdale IGA

A great programme, any issues are handled promptly.
Imbil Friendly Grocer

Huge time savings. I would recommend to others.
Bianca – Kariong Food Store

The programme does its job very well.
Rick Edwards – Kempsey Fast Foods

This has made a huge difference over trying to do it manually.
Marian Caltex

Works very well – support is good.
Jean – Maryborough BP

It’s worth the effort – It’s great.
Sharyn – Norwood IGA

Coupled with ‘Dropbox’ it makes a superb solution.
Ian Bullock – Pearce Digby

Fantastic service and package.
Nicole – Peninsula Gas & Fuel

Works really well – really good support.
Libby        Quinns on Melbourne Street

Fantastic – it saves me so much time.
Briony    Railway Express Supermarket.

Fabulous time saving programme with great support.
Madonna Hocking    Regents Park IGA

Very straightforward to me.
Norm McKay    Rockmart IGA

The best thing that has happened to our business.
Barbara    Southlands Fruit & Veg

RMS Australia (Room Management Software)

Sue White from Flinders Keepers manages over 40 properties in the Coffin Bay area of South Australia using RMS with Owner Accounting. At the end of each month she was taking several days to enter the data into MYOB and balance off the books. Now with OzBiz EzyLink, a single button press transfers everything – fully balanced and reconciled. All she has to do is enter the electronic transfers, make a couple of small alterations where she needs to move data around and the entire month is completed.

“It absolutely works like a dream and is so easy to use. It is saving me hours and hours and hours of bookwork every month by streamlining the transfer of data into MYOB. I know that because it imports exactly what happened in RMS, everything is done correctly & I can rely on what has gone into MYOB. I am VERY happy with the product. Anyone using RMS with owner accounting would have to be a mug not to use this!”


Comfort Inn Robertson Gardens and Villas Brisbane is a 10 acre property with 132 Motel rooms, Restaurant, Function rooms and Villas. Joyce Lawson has been using the OzBiz product for several years and can’t say enough about the product and OzBiz.

“The OzBiz product is fantastic! It certainly saves us time – but for me the biggest things is the detail I can now see in my accounting programme – I have the ability to report Income in the way I want to see it. I am able to consolidate or breakdown the revenue and post it to the exact accounts I determine – the Profit and Loss is always accurate and the detail is always there.

The OzBiz service has been absolutely fabulous – 10 out of 10. They always call me back and are always able to solve the issues I have – nothing seems to be too much trouble for them.

I totally endorse the product and believe it adds an important process to the RMS management software. In fact it is so good – I could sell this product!”


Works great. Saves time and money. I would buy it again.
Quest Arlington

Saves considerable time and money and generates a smooth transition between RMS and MYOB.
Quest Castle Hill

My accounts person loves it and has never stopped thanking me for getting it. It saves an immeasurable amount of time.
Quest Grand Esplanade

I think it is fantastic. Very happy with the software.
Quest Mawson Lakes

Makes life a lot easier.
Quest Mildura

I would recommend to others. I will be putting it into my second business asap.
Quest Scarborough

When I went on holidays I had no anxiety about whether the accounting was OK. I came back and everything was up to date and correct. Minimal work for the best result.
Quest West End

I think it is fantastic. I have a lot more time to run my business rather than doing the accounting.
Quest Windsor

I have very high confidence that the data is imported to MYOB correctly.
Quest North Ryde

Easy to use and work without issues, good to use from home.
Apartments Inn

Makes my life easier, and allows for less time being spent in the office.
Best Western Seabreeze Resort

Programme does what it says it does.

Once setup it has worked faultlessly, happy to recommend to others.
Comfort Inn – Blazing Stump

Ease of integration into MYOB is accurate. Time savings and easy to use.
Flinders Keepers.

It has made my accounting more accurate. It does a wonderful job.
Riverwood Downs.

It was a very good decision to get this programme. Does what it is supposed to do and great time savings.
Village Family Motor Inn

I have found it very easy to work with. If there are any problems I ring up and they are fixed straight away.
The Whale Motor Inn

H&L – Sysnet.

Integral to our system. Efficient in what it does, drastically reduces the amount of time spent doing accounting work.
Astor Hotel/Motel

We are very happy and satisfied with the software.
Augusta River Tourism Association

Works so well that you don’t give the programme a thought.
Beachport Hotel

Biggest benefit is time and money savings, it pays for itself in the long run.
Beaudesert RSL

Programme does exactly what is says it is supposed to. If there are any support issues they are handled promptly.
Belmore Hotel

If anyone is using H&L and MYOB they should have this programme.
Bridgewater Inn

Absolutely brilliant.
Commercial Mingenew Hotel

I really like the programme, I think it’s great.
Excelsior Hotel

I personally recommend this programme to other H&L users.
David Morgan The Globe Group

Other than having to do a few manual adjustments in MYOB the programme is brilliant.
Hackney Hotel

Saves time as long as it is working well.
Hilton Hotel

Makes life a whole lot easier, just push one button and it’s done.
Italian Australian Club

This is a very important part of the accounting side of our business.
Liquor Barons – Swanbourne

I’ve had very few problems and the support team are good to have around.
Cellarbrations – Dalkeith

Good upgrades, support & maintenance Fantastic.
Lord Melbourne Hotel

Quite a handy programme once it’s all setup and running.
Nelson Hotel

This programme is essential to running our business. Great value for money.
North Sydney Cellars

Great programme and support staff always willing to help.
The Palace Gallery

No problems with software. If problem does occur response is quick and effective.
Post Office Hotel

Makes things a lot easier. Makes putting info into MYOB a lot easier.
Ringwood RSL

Great time savings. Easy to use. Functional.
Rob Roy Hotel

Having tried to do this manually, this programme is essential to our business software solution.
True South (Bayside Brewing Co)

Very good software. Good communication from OzBiz in getting things fixed.
Vaggs Wyndham Liquor

Efficient, saves a lot of time.
Windsor Hotel

Very happy with the programme.
Flinders Hotel

Very good programme, OzBiz are very helpful in giving advice.
Wallaroo Marina Hotel

This programme has made an enormous difference to our administration. One step operation is a ‘no brainer’.
Wheatsheaf Hotel

The programme is very user friendly and efficient. OzBiz are very willing to help.
Wine Liasions/Wine Store

OzBiz has understood the issue of bringing together Sysnet and MYOB and have solved the issue of transferring data from package to the other.
Yankalilla Hotel


Monkey Software – Optomate Premier.

We love it, can’t live without it.
Eye Style Optical

I have been very happy with the service and programme.
Eyecare Plus Buderim

OzBiz EzyLink integration is invaluable.
Eyes On Oxford

Efficent, saves a lot of time.
Eyewise Optometrists

It’s been a godsend.
Family Eyecare Katanning & Narrogin

I love it.
Horsfalls Optometrists

Working very well
North Shore optometry(NZ)

Excellent, very smooth
Spectacle of Mt Lawley



My company has been using eCheckTrac as our solution for Payday Loans, Installment Loans, Check Cashing and all of our other miscellaneous transactions since January 1 2006. Since the beginning of our time using this program we have been unable to make heads or tails of the accounting that comes out of eCheckTrac. After having my accountant and two consultants involved we have been unable to make any sense of it. Finally fed up I contacted eCheckTrac yet again with more questions and OzBiz was mentioned in that conversation on April 11, 2007. I contacted OzBiz right away and they contacted me back that same day. Since then we completed a very detailed demo and uploaded our information back and forth using fabulous technology to make it possible to work together in different countries and time zones to accomplish the most amazing answer to all of our accounting issues!!! It is literally a push of a button to pull my daily
transactions into QuickBooks in the most detailed manner possible. Everything is broken out into every type of transaction and it is absolutely amazing! What took me four to five hours to try and muddle through without an end answer now takes about 15 minutes. I couldn’t be happier knowing that I can spend my valuable time doing other things besides counting beans. I will say that this couldn’t have been a simpler process for us even on opposite ends of the planet! And I have FINALLY after all this time made my accountant a happy man!
Jennifer Petersen – President Minute Loans

I just wanted to let you know that your program Ozbiz_Integrator for eCheckTrac is a wonderful integration software to QuickBooks. The program has worked flawlessly with no problems. Installation was a snap and your support was great. It even does the conversion faster than I expected. I really like that the software can be modified for the individual needs of each business. I recommend this program to any eCheckTrac user who needs accounting software integration. I have searched a long time and tried other programs, but none worked like this one. You guys are A+ in my book.
Mike Moore First Stop Loan LLC

I run a consumer Financial services company with multiple brick and mortar storefronts. We use eCheckTrac, a web-based loan portfolio software program, to handle all of our transactions at each one of our stores. Our problem was that our portfolio loan software couldn’t talk  to our QuickBooks accounting software and it was taking a minimum of four hours a day to manually enter the information into QuickBooks. John Gibson at OzBiz was able to work with us to develop software that translated a detailed export file from eCheckTrac and imported it correctly into our
QuickBooks file. What was a minimum of four hours of tedious manual work now takes only 10 minutes. This ability has transformed our business and enabled us to continue to grow successfully. My initial concerns about contracting with a company in Australia immediately proved unfounded. John Gibson’s unique blend of accounting knowledge coupled with OzBiz’ developer knowledge enabled them to come up with an elegant solution in a short amount of time.
Their knowledge, dedication and professionalism continued throughout the project and I would highly recommend OzBiz Solutions for any QuickBooks related software project. Thanks John for all your help.
Kevin Neustadt
President and CEO
Rainier Financial Group