EzyLink Integration For Best Practice

The handling of accounting for medical practices is a complex task and can take a great deal of management time and effort to get correct. The OzBiz team has worked directly with Dr Frank Pyefinch and his team at Best Practice to automate the process using specific data supplied from the Best Practice database.

OzBiz has 2 programmes available for Medical Practices.

The first enables the financial information for the practice and all the practioners (employed, or contractors) to be handled through the accounting programme in such a manner that neither the P&L or Balance Sheet is negatively affected.

Accounting Integration to MYOB/Xero.

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Data is supplied from Best Practice and contains all Invoices, Payments, Adjustments and Reversals for the nominated period. The EzyLink programme posts that data into MYOB or Xero in such a manner that:

  • It captures Debtor and Doctor liabilities
  • It handles transaction Date confusion by always using the ‘Created Date’
  • It handles Adjustments/Write Offs for prior periods at the time they occur.
  • It allows you to produce a MYOB report for any Doctor for any period showing:
    • Accrued Service Fees.
    • Accrued GST.
    • Accrued Payments.
    • Funds available for disbursement.

The second programme is a payment calculator that enabled the Practice Manage to determine splits between the practice and the practioners.

Splitting Payments.

Splitting the payments between the Doctor and the Practice can be a time consuming  task. We have automated the process and our programme accesses the data directly from the Best Practice database to ensure data integrity – no manual entering of information. The function can be run based on any period and can use either Payments or Invoices for the period as the criteria for determining the split.

See the payment calculator programme for Best Practice.

OzBiz EzyLink Brochure

Arrange a Demonstration.

We can arrange a ‘live’ online demonstration of either of our programmes for Medical Practices. We connect over the internet using remote access software and share our desktop with you.  We also phone using VOIP connectivity. You can watch as the programme works in real time and obviously ask any questions you might have. Whilst the demo itself only takes a few minutes it is better to allow around 30-45 minutes to ensure all questions you have are fully answered.

The demonstration is absolutely obligation free. Please call on (02) 65 689399 or email to arrange a suitable day/time.