EzyLink Payment Calculator for Medical Practices

Calculating User Payments.

Irrespective of whether your practice has, or needs accounting integration (see our integration programme), every practice is faced with the task of determining the relevant payment for each of their Doctors (users). This can be a very time-consuming task, complicated by the need to take into account:

  • those items that are 100% Practice items.
  • items that might be exceptions to the normal percentage split.
  • reversal items that might affect previous payments.
  • Medicare bulk billing incentives to ensure they are applied correctly to the Practice or the user.

In discussion with a number of Practice Managers it seems this task can take hours to do manually. We have developed a version of our EzyLink software to automate this process and produce an Excel spreadsheet with all the information you need. Our programme can export and split the information for a 20 Doctor Practice in a little over 2 minutes. Manually this was taking the Practice Manager around 4-6 hrs weekly.

How Does It Work.

There is some work involved in setting up the configuration, however once this has been done it only needs to be adjusted when changes are required. To setup our programme you will need to:

  • Nominate your Doctors(Users) . A simple button press will import your active users directly from Best Practice. Simply nominate their normal percentage split and the process is done.
  • Nominate your 100% Practice Items. Again a button press import all your items from Best Practice. Tick those that are 100% and the job is done.
  • Nominate your exception items. Again your items can be easily imported from Best Practice. Simply nominate the Users to whom the exception applies. You can use a different percentage, or a flat fee for either the Practice or the User.
  • You have the option to use either Payments or Invoices as the basis for calculation process.

To use the programme simply set the period start and end dates and press the button. In a couple of minutes (or less) an Excel spreadsheet will open showing you the splits for the period. There is a ‘Total’ page for the Practice and a separate worksheet ofr each user. You can edit or change any data you want and as the pages are all linked to the ‘Total’ page your changes will be reflected throughout the Spreadsheet. There is even a ‘Startpoint’ column in Yellow showing the totals as they were when the spreadsheet was created, just in case you need to reset some data.



OzBiz EzyLink for Best Practice – Brochure

See the integration programme for Best Practice.