Accounting Software Developers

91% of clients consider accounting integration to be a ‘really important to critical’ part of their overall business software.*

More developers are recognising the benefit that accounting integration between their software and the accounting program gives to their client. It is  ‘the missing  piece’ of a total business solution.


  • Give your clients the total business solution they are looking for. Your industry specific software – combined with full accounting integration.
  • Differentiate your product in the market place. You can use the accounting integration as an additional benefit when looking to close a sale.
  • By outsourcing the function to OzBiz, save your own internal  resources and keep the accounting integration at arms length from your core functionality.
  • Don’t tie up your support staff trying to handle accounting issues.
  • No cost to you. OzBiz absorb the  initial development costs. You need only to pass the data to OzBiz in the manner agreed to after detailed discussion.
  • Many developers OzBiz use this as a profit generator by promoting it to their existing users


  • One mouse click and a few seconds is all it takes.
  • Everything is posted to exactly the right account in exactly the right amount – including GST.
  • Handles Cash/Accrual accounting methods.
  • Easier bank reconciliations.
  • Easy credit card reconciliations (Amex, Diners etc.)
  • No last minute rush to do BAS, or taxation submissions.
  • Save on bookkeeping and accountacy charges.


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* Source OzBiz customer surveys.