Custom Solutions

OzBiz has built one-off solutions for many businesses who came to us with a specific problem to solve. Here are some of them.

Surf Shop

With eleven Surf Shops and a central Warehouse, there was a massive duplication of labour in recording stock receipts firstly into the inventory management programme and then into QuickBooks for payment. We provided a solution where these are rewritten as Bills ready for payment and imported into QuickBooks.

“…this enabled us to process documentation only once, saving considerable labour cost and eliminating the inefficiencies from duplicating procedures.”
George Patterson
Peninsula Surf Centre Pty Ltd


The management programme managed the rostering and invoiced the clients, but there was no link between this and MYOB for maintaining the accounting. We provided a solution where a weekly report from the management programme was rewritten into MYOB as Invoices and Customer payments.

“…this accomplished in thirty seconds each week what we could never do manually.”
Ross Wilson

Service Station

Reconciling Credit Cards and Fuel Cards was becoming a major headache for Ken. Hours every week were taken up balancing and reconciling all of the Credit Cards he accepted. It was becoming so onerous, he was considering employing a part-time Bookkeeper when he approached OzBiz. We provided a utility that allowed him to enter his daily trading information into QuickBooks in less than two minutes a day as well as providing a facility into which he simply entered the Card information from the credit Card statements he received. Clicking a button then posted the transactions into QuickBooks.

“…I can honestly say this software has saved my business thousands of man-hours and dollars over the past five years and I heartily recommend it to anyone with a business…large or small.”
Ken Bayo
Liberty Service Station, Halfway Creek


The pressure of balancing studies with maintaining the family business accounts meant that Rebecca needed a more efficient way to enter the trading information into QuickBooks. We provided a similar solution to her as we had provided to Ken. This turned the daily task of entering trading data into a pleasant two minute task.

“…the software enables me to have accurate entries and GST Tracking while saving more than five hours per week by streamlining the necessary entries.”
Rebecca Mitchell
South West Rocks Pharmacist Advice


As the financial controller for number of businesses, including three hotels, a dress shop and a Supermarket, Margie was found it difficult to get reconciled trading information into QuickBooks. We provided a utility into which she simply enters the figures – and we write all the transactions required to enter the information. This saves her hours of work every week.

“…the time saving on a daily basis would equate to about fifty minutes…however in addition to this, the accuracy and detail of information that our system can then produce is where much greater benefit is derived.”
Margi Jeffrey
E. Kallis Group, Tasmania

Limousine Bookings

Using a custom solution built on an Access database meant that they could have a system built specifically to meet their needs. However, the accounting integration module was not quite so helpful. The transactions created for import were creating a nightmare in QuickBooks. We built a solution that was called from Access itself, sorting the transactions and writing them into QuickBooks seamlessly. Under five minutes per month and all the the Invoices are entered ready for printing.

“…Our experience with OzBiz in defining and implementing the necessary software changes was easy and painless.”
Esprit Chauffeured Limousines


Simon had to look after the children for three days while his wife manually entered the Invoices. Now, using our programme, his monthly Invoices are ready to print in under three minutes.

Wholesale Timber Merchant

The task of calculating Invoices was becoming a nightmare. Some were cubic metres, some were lineal metres and some was by each. QuickBooks was ill-equipped to help. We provided a Custom Invoice where the Item Name determined the type of calculation. All that was needed was to feed the data and the calculations were made. The Invoice was then automatically posted into QuickBooks with the press of a button.

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