Accounting Integration Solutions

OzBiz Solutions Pty Ltd (OzBiz) are proud to be able to offer accounting integration to the following industry leading software developers.

OzBiz has worked closely with each of the developer teams to ensure the data passed to Ozbiz for importing into your accounting program has all the necessary components, including industry specifc issues such as Lotto, reduced rate GST, advanced payments, Layby etc.

Once setup and configured by the OzBiz team OzBiz EzyLink® takes only a few seconds a day to pass the data correctly to your accounting program.

Massive time savings in your daily administration.
Up to date financial information on which to make management decisions.
Faster and easier bank and credit card reconciliations.
Less effort when preparing your BAS and other taxation reports.

our integration falls into three categories, click one of the links below to learn more about integrating to your industry software.

Point of Sales software.

Accommodation software.

Medical Practice software.